I can’t tell you how excited I am to start a new blog.  On the excitement scale, this ranks up there with my website going live and my business cards being delivered from the printer.  So, again, welcome, this is a big day! 
I have to be honest up front… I am not a natural born organizer.  I can’t claim that as a child my stuffed animals were perfectly lined up by size, type, and color, and then tracked in an Excel spreadsheet.  First, I am pretty sure Excel didn’t exist back then.  Second, I am pretty sure my mom is reading this blog and would immediately call me out with some sort of snarky comment about the messy room she constantly nagged me to clean.  My point is that there is hope for everyone out there!
My organizing skills developed somewhere along the way.  The first time I remember someone telling me I was hyper-organized (in other words, crazy) was in college when my roommate and BFF commented on my color-coded study notes on index cards.  Even back then, I thought that was normal behavior, but I guess not… 
What I do know is that the organizing obsession that has ruled my life for so many years now is the way I clear my mind, focus on priorities, center my life, and ultimately get things done.  And it feels so good to finally help other people live a more organized and stress free life.
Part of the reason for starting this blog is that the cost of an ever changing and expanding website is not exactly manageable for a new businesswoman such as myself.  The idea is that this blog is my outlet to share all the wonderful things about organizing – from tips, time savers, products, and other good stuff – and in the process, inspire you to live a more organized and simplified life.
So thank you for reading and allowing me to share my experiences.  I look forward to sharing many, many more in the future.