An Organized Purse is a Happy Purse

What’s one thing that is scientifically proven to lead to fried brain cells and skyrocketing stress levels?  A messy and disorganized purse!  Just think about how many minutes you’ve wasted digging for keys and searching for lip gloss.  But saving your sanity and your time is not the only reason to get your purse organized.  Getting organized will extend the life of your purse.  Gum and ink stains can ruin the purse lining and overstuffing causes purses to loose shape and the leather to wear more quickly.
So, here are my quick tips to keep your purse organized. 
Carry only what you need.  Make a commitment to stop carrying things you don’t use on a daily basis.  Empty the contents of your purse, and ask yourself a few questions about each item –
  • When did I last use it?
  • Why do I have it?
  •  Where should it be stored?

Of course, there might be a rare emergency when you actually need the extra gloves and umbrella that you’ve been carrying like a pack mule for the last six months.  However, chances are you’re a block away from a Duane Reade or bodega where you could grab a replacement in a pinch. 
Sort your things.  Now that you’ve pared down your purse to only the most essential items, group all like items together.  For example, you might have spare change, items related to health and beauty, or snacks and gum. 
Love these from Stephanie Johnson
Contain your things.  To keep things from getting lost in the bottom of your purse, you’ll want to keep them contained and easily accessible.  This is a way to have fun with organizing.  Buy products that you love, and you’re more likely to use them to stay organized.  Some of my favorite containers are from Stephanie Johnson.  She makes every size imaginable, and the designs are fantastic.  If this doesn’t work for you, Ziploc bags will also do the trick. 
Find the right bag.  You might be thinking, shouldn’t I buy the bag first?  Well, no, that’s not the case.  You first want to determine what your essential items are, and then buy a purse to fit those items.  Keep in mind the weight of the bag, and stay away from anything too heavy.  A fabulous bag can still be functional, so make sure that at a minimum there are easy access pockets for your most critical items – keys, cell phone, and wallet.
Establish a routine.  Put everything in the same place every time.  If you carry work related items like files or a notebook, store them all together in the same general area of your purse.  Do this for all items, and you’ll be amazed that your days of searching will be over.
Outside view

Buy the amazing key hook.  With this contraption hooked on the edge of your purse, you’ll never riffle through your bag searching for keys again.  FranklinCovey sells some online here.  Go ahead, embrace the cheesiness, and buy one now.  

Inside View