Clean Closets. Good Cause. Green City.

Finally, I received a genuinely exciting piece of snail mail. At first sight, I had my doubts. It was generically addressed to “Resident” (aka dreaded junk mail), but I gave it a second look and couldn’t be happier.  My former employer, the City of New York has launched re-fashioNYC through a partnership with Housing Works

Like the mail piece said:  Do you want to clean your closets for a good cause and a green city from the convenience of your own building?  Ummm, yes please!
Basically, the partnership will make donating clothes, plus towels, blankets, curtains, shoes, handbags, belts, and other textiles and apparel as easy as possible through a convenient in-building drop-off service. So, this means no more holding on to those acid wash jeans! Wait, are acid wash jeans back in style?  I can’t keep up.
If you live in a building with more than 10 units, your building owner or manager can fill out an application for a bin to be placed in your building.  Not a building manager? Don’t worry! Click here to have an invitation letter from re-fashioNYC sent to your building manager to encourage them to sign-up.
And even better, the program is at no cost to the buildings or taxpayers.  It’s self-funded through the sale of what’s donated.  Love it.
If you can’t wait the estimated three months it might take to get your bin placement, visit this site to find locations where you can donate goods.