Get Busy Media Features Urban Simplicity

One of the things I love most about owning a small business is meeting new people. Before starting Urban Simplicity, I wasn’t much into networking. I know that sounds crazy since I was working in politics, but the reality was that I was often chained to my desk plowing through To Do lists.

After a month or so in business, I stumbled upon the world of small business networking. That’s when I met Jim Armstrong and Stephen Murphy, co-founders of Get Busy Media, a small business blog and resource center devoted to helping small, local, and start-up businesses improve their marketing and operations. We had a great time chatting, and when they suggested featuring Urban Simplicity on Get Busy Media, I was more than happy to sit down with them.
Just a little plug for Get Busy Media: It’s ranked as a top 100 small business blog by Technorati, and has been featured on prominent industry sites such as Small Biz Trends and BizSugar. Nice.
So if you’re curious about how my small business came to be, check out Get Busy Media’s profile on Urban Simplicity here.
And definitely check out Get Busy Media.