Giving Thanks to Five Organizational Tools

This time of year is all about gratitude, which got me to thinking how lucky and grateful I am to be able to do what I love – organizing – to help other people live better lives.

It also got me to thinking about the simple tools I use on a daily basis that make my life, and my client’s lives, easier. So, here are five organizing tools that I’m most thankful for.

1. Linus Drawer Organizers – From wrangling the odds and ends in junk drawers to kitchen utensils to office supplies, these bins are the best. They’re sturdy and come in shallow and deep versions.

2. Pinterest – This site inspires me and gives me unending creative ideas to solve my client’s organizational challenges. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you absolutely should, and please follow my boards here.

3. Tape Measure – I never make recommendations to a client on storage solutions without taking measurements of their space. My trusty tape measure is always at my side.

4. Label Maker – My gratitude for the P-Touch started many years before my official organizing career. And the love affair continues.

5. Amazing Key Hook – How many moments of insanity has this little tool spared me? Too many to count. I never lose my keys in the bottom of my bag, because they are always hooked on the edge of my purse. Simple. Genius.

And a Happy Thanksgiving to you! Take time to relax, eat well, and enjoy it.