My Off the Hook Weekend, Continued

As promised, the juicy details of my weekend continue. After all the drilling in the kitchen last weekend, I moved into the bedroom.

Confession: I use my hairdryer daily, and I always leave it out on my vanity. Not so neat and organized.

So, I installed a hook on the underside of my vanity to hang my hairdryer. I made a hole with a nail to get the hook in more easily. Then it just required a bit of elbow grease to screw the hook in tightly.

With two mini-projects under my belt, I got to thinking about all the ways to use hooks to organize items around the home. First, the key is to put items you need easy access to on hooks so they will always be at your fingertips. Another tip is to consider creative ways to add hooks to the back of cabinet and closet doors. This will keep overstuffed areas neatly organized and items out of view.

Here are some of my favorite uses for hooks:

  • In the entryway to your home, for coats and backpacks. Bonus points if the hooks are in individual cubbies for each family member.
  • By the door, for your keys.
  • Over the bathroom door, for towels and robes.
  • In your craft or gift wrapping area, for small, regularly used items.

  • Under your kitchen cabinet, for dishtowels and sponges for dishwashing.
  • In the kitchen for large utensils, measuring cups, even pots and pans.
  • In your closet for purses, scarves, and belts. Or for those pants that never quite make it back on the hanger.
  • In your bedroom or dressing area, as an interesting way to display necklaces.
  • In your garage for tools and exercise equipment, like jump ropes and tension ropes.
As you can imagine, the options are limitless.

What are some creative ways you use hooks in your home or office? I’d love to hear from you!