My Off the Hook Weekend

Last weekend, instead of hitting some hot Halloween party in a ridiculous costume, I decided to have a professional organizer’s version of an “off the hook” weekend.

One kitchen cabinet in particular has been foiling me for a while. Every time I go to grab my measuring cups and spoons, I fumble around to find what I need. I came across this photo on Pinterest and knew it would be the perfect solution.
I did some quick measurements of the cabinet door before hitting Beacon Paint and Hardware. It’s my go to place, because the guys don’t laugh at my ridiculous questions. For $18.45, I picked up all the supplies I needed: eight small screw-in hooks, four wood planks, eight screws, paint, and a foam paintbrush. 
First, I painted the wood planks a cheery yellow color.
After the paint dried, the real work began. I screwed the hooks into the wood planks. To get the hooks in, I made a small hole in the planks with a nail.
Next, I drilled the wood planks into the cabinet door. I’m not exactly Handy Manny around the house. Any sort of project that involves my drill makes me a bit nervous. All told, it went well, aside from one mishap.
If you drill too close to the end of the wood plank, it will crack. Oops.
The final step is to hang the measuring cups on the hooks and admire your handy work. 
Stay tuned for more highlights from my off the hook weekend in next week’s blog post. Get excited!