Gift Guide: Five Fantastic Stocking Stuffers

How about filling your family’s stockings with gifts to keep them organized? This week, I’m recommending stocking stuffers that won’t break the bank. And trust me, these are gifts that everyone on your list will love.

For your Sis / Girlfriend / Wife: Stephanie Johnson Cases
I can’t get enough of these cases with so many sizes and gorgeous designs. They are great to contain supplies, make-up or other items in her bag.

For your Bro / Boyfriend / Hubby: Cocoon’s GRID-IT! Organizer
Is the guy in your life into gadgets? This is perfect for all his cords and wires and the straps provide endless configuration options. It’s also a great piece for a guy often on the go.

Mom has lots going on. With this contraption that hooks on the edge of her purse, she’ll never riffle through her bag searching for keys again.

For your Dad: ID Guard Stamp
Stamping is the new shredding. In a single stamp, Dad will prevent identity theft by making addresses disappear from bills, junk mail, invoices, and credit card statements.

For everyone: CableDrop Cord Clips
No one likes those pesky cords. These clips keep them from falling off the desk every time you unplug your laptop.