Five Organizing Dos

I’m a fan of “do and don’t” lists. I like that the lists are black and white and never leave me guessing.

So this week, I have five organizing Dos. Stay tuned next week for five common Don’ts.

DO keep a list of projects. On the list, jot down approximately how long each project will take to complete. That way, when you have time to commit to organizing, you can choose a project that fits the time you have available, as well as your energy level.

DO break it down. The biggest obstacle for clients is that they don’t know where to start, which leaves them overwhelmed. Look at one room as a series of small projects. It’s also smart to start in one area of a room and work your way around the room from there. No hopping around!

DO know what works for you and your family. Be realistic about organizing systems. They systems you set-up should be simple enough to maintain and make sense to you.

Do something simple. You don’t have to undertake a complete organizing overhaul on your own. Instead, walk around your home or office with a trash bag. Or leave a box in your closet so you can drop in unused items as you go. No matter how big or small, it’s all progress.

Do make it fun. Things that make organizing fun: a friend, music, snacks, drinks. And remember to take short breaks. Set a timer to keep you on track.
Do you have any organizing Dos to share? I’d love to hear them!