Six Stylish File Cabinets

Files. Everyone has them and finding stylish storage options is not easy. After hours of searching for file cabinets for clients, this week I’m sharing six stylish pieces that will motivate you to get your files in order once and for all.
First, before running out to purchase file cabinets, don’t forget to:
1. Purge existing files.
2. Measure the amount of files you need to store.
3. Account for some room to grow.
Okay, now you’re ready to shop.


CB2 makes a durable “mechanic-shop chic” option in bright colors and neutrals like white and grey. Plus, I love anything on wheels.

Extra Storage
For simple lines and more
storage, the Linear line from Room and Board is a great option. It has four
hanging file drawers, plus space for office supplies and anything else you need in your office.

The Bedford two-drawer and two-drawer lateral file cabinets from Pottery Barn are a classic and sturdy option. 
The Catalina lateral file
is designed with an eye toward mid-century modern design with two drawers that fit legal
and letter size files. This photo is from The Century House, but I’ve seen
this piece on other sites as well.
West Elm’s Classic File
Cabinet line, with the Mobile (one drawer) and Lateral (two larger drawers)
options, is perfect for a modern space. And I love the white.
Custom and Reclaimed
The Wooden Duck’s Low Long
File Cabinet is a great option for those looking for environmentally friendly
furniture. All their furniture is made from reclaimed wood. They also specialize
in custom pieces in any style, wood or finish that works for your interior.