Five Organizing Don’ts

This week, as promised, I’m sharing five common organizing Don’ts.

DON’T buy organizing products first. Rushing out to The Container Store (as much as I love it) to buy organizing gadgets never solves the problem. First, you need to sort and then purge to know exactly what you will keep. Then, you’ll know the exact type and size of bins to buy.

DON’T work without a plan. It’s incredibly overwhelming for most people to dive into a room and start organizing. Coming up with a plan for the space including the function the space serves in your life, and therefore, what items truly belong in the space, will help you to break it down. Within the plan, quickly write out a list of steps to get you to your end goal – an organized room.

DON’T create elaborate systems to keep you organized. The best solutions are usually the simplest ones. So, be realistic. Any system that involves more than one or two steps from start to finish is not likely to happen. It’s all about developing simple systems that work for you.

DON’T keep more items than you have space. So, this is hard. I know you really love all 50 pairs of shoes, but do you wear them? Every space has limitations, even when perfectly maximized. For many, the hardest part to getting organized is making tough decisions about what to keep and what to let go.

DON’T overlook obvious solutions. Necklaces crowding up drawer space? Try hooks on the back of a door. Keep buying black sweaters? Store all of them together on a shelf. Empty hangers cluttering your closet floor? Put them in a shopping bag, and when it’s full, empty it. Take a step back from your space and really assess what problems you’re having. Often the solution is right in front of you.