We’re the “Pick of the Week” at SquareSpot

We’re all busy, but moms are crazy busy. They want the best
for their family and don’t always have the time to go out and look for it.
Enter SquareSpot:
a new online marketplace for busy families that will save you time and money.
That’s a concept we love here at Urban Simplicity.
SquareSpot features tried and tested products and services from
carefully selected partners in New York City, Los Angeles, Palm Beach, and
Chicago in an online marketplace. Become a member, and you’ll receive the
exclusive benefits their partners (like Urban Simplicity) offer.
And exciting stuff… UrbanSimplicity is SquareSpot founder, Michelle Clark’s, “Pick of the Week.”  For SquareSpot members, Urban
Simplicity is offering a free one-hour consultation in your home or office,
plus 20 percent off your first four-hour organizing session.
As a special offer
for our online followers, SquareSpot is offering you a free membership, valued
at $50. Go to SquareSpot.com to join and enter the promo code SIMPLICITY.