My Organizing Obsession: CardMunch

Today I was raving about CardMunch, and I was shocked that my
friend hadn’t heard about this app. I thought I was the last one to the party,
but oh no! So, read on if you’re drowning in business cards.

Powered by LinkedIn, CardMunch
is simple. After you download the free app, take a photo with your phone of any
business card you collect. Real humans (yes, seriously) transcribe the card, and
then it’s uploaded into your phone.
Next, decide if you want to
save the contact to your iPhone contacts list. I don’t like to clutter up my
contacts, so I usually just access the contact information through the
CardMunch app on my phone. The other awesome thing is that you can immediately
connect with the person on LinkedIn, if you’re into that. And I am.
Only drawback:  CardMunch is only available on the
iPhone, but, never fear, they are launching on the Blackberry and Android
phones soon.