Organizing Obsession: Seamless

In New York City, you can get anything and everything
delivered. It’s pretty much amazing and one of the reasons I love living here.

One of my favorite websites, Seamless makes it so efficient to order food delivery online. Your credit card information
is saved when you set-up an account. Plus, you can bookmark your favorite
restaurants and save your favorite meals so you can re-order with a quick
Seamless Web has been around for a while, but I have many
clients that aren’t using it. They end up with take-out menus all over the
apartment or stacks of menus taking up valuable space in a kitchen drawer.
There’s no membership fee to set-up an account, and from my Upper West Side zip
code, there are almost 150 restaurants to choose from. 
And it’s not just an NYC thing, Seamless serves 40+ cities.
Guaranteed: If you invite me over, I’m going to set-up a
Seamless account for you and toss your menus.