Organizing Obsession: Tension Rods

I was organizing a client’s apartment earlier
this month when I noticed a brilliant use of a tension rod in her coat closet.
She was using it to hold a couple umbrellas in an otherwise wasted nook of the closet.

Now everywhere I turn I’m envisioning tension rods to keep
clients organized. Guess you can say I have a new obsession.
Here are some great examples of tension rods in action.
In the kitchen…
Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart
In the craft room…
Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens
Under the sink…
Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy
In a closet…
Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy
Tension rods are an affordable and fantastic way to utilize
vertical space in tight spots. When using a tension rod to hang items, remember to keep in mind how much weight it can bear.