Ten Tips to Organize Your Summer Home

Photo courtesy of The Little Corner

Contrary to that popular holiday tune, summer is “the
most wonderful time of the year” with long days filled with sunshine and
long weekends at the beach. 

But at times, constant weekend getaways can get a little
hectic, so this week I have ten tips to keep your summer home organized.
1. Kick it off right.
Prepare a master list, in advance of opening weekend, with all the tasks
that will need to be completed to get the house in working order. Assign
specific tasks to everyone involved.
2. Pack light.
Don’t lug all your toiletries and summer outfits back and forth. Buy duplicates
of your favorite toiletries and keep summer staples at your home to eliminate
packing and unpacking.
3. Don’t make it a dumping
Keep the same rule as you do with your year-round home – only bring
in items that you love and will use.
4. Plan an
end-of-season purge.
Schedule a weekend now, preferably toward the end of
the summer, to spend half a day sorting and purging in key areas. You’ll surely
find a local charity in need of items you no longer use.
5. Get beach ready.
Use labeled bins to create a grab
and go station in the entryway of your home with all the essentials you’ll need
for the beach. You’ll never search for sunscreen again.
Customizable Bins from Macbeth Collection

6. Organize inside
and out.
Garages, basements, and tool sheds see lots of action in the
summer. Invest in some basic organizational pieces from a company like Monkey Bars, a garage storage system, that
will make it through the long haul.
7. Practice reuse
when decorating.
No need to run out and buy all new accessories for your
summer home. Take some time to declutter your year-round home, and you’ll find
items to decorate your summer home.
8. Checklist it. To
make opening up and closing down for the weekend a cinch, make a simple
checklist for you and your guests to reference. Add simple reminders like
locking the back door, bringing in deck chairs, and closing all the windows to
the list.
9. Clear a travel
staging area.
No matter how organized you are, there will inevitability be
items you’ll need to bring with you for the weekend. Clear a cabinet near your
entryway or shelf in your closet to collect those items throughout the busy
10. Most of all, make
it fun
. Go back to the basics and make a list of all the adventures you and
your family want to have this summer. Make a poster together and hang it on the
wall. You’ll always have a good idea at hand.