Five Steps to Organize Your Greeting Cards

In this day and age of e-cards and Facebook, it seems like
we’re sending fewer greeting cards via snail mail than ever, but I’ll bet you
still have many of the cards you’ve received in years past.

This topic is definitely on my brain. Just this week I’ve
talked with two clients about organizing their cards and letters. 
So, here five steps
to get your old greeting cards organized.
Step 1: Gather them
Without an organizational system for your cards, it’s likely they are
in various nooks and crannies around your home. Grab a shopping bag and go
Step 2: Set Keep / Toss Guidelines. This can be the toughest step, so here are
some basic ideas.
  • Keep cards in which the sender wrote a
    meaningful personal note.
  • Only keep one type of card from each year. For
    example, keep your favorite birthday card or anniversary card and toss the
  • Get rid of holiday cards (even if they have
    photos), because you’ll receive another one next year.
  • Only save wedding invitations for your best
    friend and siblings.
  • Recycle all envelopes.

Once you have identified your Keep / Toss Guidelines,
write them down for future reference.
Step 3: Sort into categories. Before you can begin purging, you’ll want to sort the cards into
broad categories. For example: birthday, spouse, anniversary, holiday, wedding,
wedding invitations, sympathy, and get well. As you
sort you are likely to create additional categories. Write each category on a
Post-it note so you can quickly identify the cards as you sort.
Step 3: Purge, purge,
Now that you’ve gathered and sorted all the cards, it’s time to put
the guidelines you set into effect. First, set up an area to work. Clear off the dining room
table, grab a snack and some water. During the purging process, don’t get stuck
by reading every card. You want this process to move as quickly as possible. 
Step 4: Containerize your cards. It’s now time to identify the best container to store you
cards. The container you use should make it easy for you to read and enjoy
the cards going forward.
Both of the options below are great because you can separate each category of cards with the tabs in the boxes. Remember to label the tabs.
White Greeting Card Organizer
Photo Courtesy of The Container Store
Clear Card Keeper
Photo Courtesy of The Container Store
You could also use a decorative box that stacks easily.
Depending on how many cards you have, you could use a box for each category of
Our Bold Box
Photo Courtesy of The Container Store
Bright Stockholm Office Storage Boxes
Photo Courtesy of The Container Store
Before selecting any container, determine where they will
“live” in your home and measure the dimensions of that space.
Step 5: Enjoy it. Setting
up this organizational system will allow you to enjoy these special memories
for years to come.