Cut the Souvenir Clutter

The last two weeks in August are vacation time here in New
York City. Midtown Manhattan streets are empty and office phones go straight to

While you’re traveling later this month, don’t fall into
that trap of bringing clutter into your home when you return. You know, the
crappy plastic magnets and t-shirts you never wear…
This week, I’m sharing two creative ideas to help you
eliminate souvenir clutter and bring home long-lasting memories from your trip
Play the alphabet
While organizing a client’s paperwork last week, we came across notes
from a recent vacation. As opposed to keeping a journal about family travels,
they play the alphabet game to capture memories from their trip. At dinner one
night toward the end of their vacation, they sit together and make notes of
memories that correspond with each letter of the alphabet. You could even type
this on your smart phone or iPad to eliminate the paper.
Me in Paris. Note the empty glass.

Make a tradition.
The year I was married, I came up with an easy tradition to capture our travel memories.
For Christmas each year, I buy my husband one ornament that reminds us of a
trip we took that year. For example, last year when we were in Paris, I found a beautiful
ornament of Notre Dame Cathedral. Knowing I can capture the memories in a
special way compels me to walk right past those souvenir shops.

How do you and your family capture memories from your