Organizing Obsession: No-Iron Clothing Labels

Say what you will about everyone’s favorite white collar
criminal, Martha Stewart, but I happen to think she’s brilliant.

Earlier this year, she released a line of office supplies
sold exclusively at Staples. In short: fun colors, great packaging and quality
This week, I’m sharing one of my organizing obsessions from
the line.
Photo Courtesy of Staples
Maybe you have multiple children around the same age, and maybe
you’re lucky enough to have some help around the house to put away laundry. But
somehow things just don’t seem to get to the right place.
Enter: Martha Stewart’s no-iron clothing labels.
They are also the perfect solution for kids going off to camp, boarding school, or even
college. I once had my favorite white tee snagged from the dorm washers. If
only it had been labeled!
Next week, I’ll share my another obsession from Martha’s line. Stay tuned…