Guest Blog Post: Detox Your Closet

Other than a good workout, nothing makes me feel lighter and
more energized than clearing out my closet. Saying goodbye to all that extra
stuff from clothes that don’t fit to shoes that really hurt my feet does
wonders for my soul. I can find what I need, make better decisions when
shopping, and put together cuter outfits. Need I say more?

So, to get you motivated to tackle your own closet
organization this fall, checkout my twelve tips to detox your closet on the fabulous blog, Urban Detox Club. You can read it here.
For all things healthy and fun, sign up for Urban Detox Club’s VIP emails and enter to win one of their monthly detox swag bags featuring goodies like gift cards to Whole Foods and Lululemon and other awesome freebies. They draw a new name every month from their list. 
And bonus! They are offering Urban Simplicity’s readers $15 off their $299 detox program through the end of the month. Use this link to sign up now.