Giving Back After Hurricane Sandy

And New Jersey, too!
After the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, we’re all looking
for ways to give back. My husband and I have been so lucky as the Upper West
Side where we live was basically unscathed. We didn’t lose power or experience
any major damage. So many others weren’t so lucky, and my heart goes out to
We’ve heard Mayor Bloomberg say that monetary donations are
most needed now. I encourage you to give to the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City. They ensure your donation
goes to a reputable organization supporting relief efforts in New York City.
As an organizer, it’s my duty to encourage you to donate things you don’t use or love to help those in need. During an emergency
like this, organizations are usually looking for sizable bulk donations;
however, small groups are doing their part. ClosetDash Shop, a local swap shop,
is collecting warm clothes, blankets, non-perishable food, flashlights, and
batteries for donation. You can drop them off at 30 East 20th Street, Suite 402
on Friday or Saturday 11-7pm, or Sunday 11-2pm. Any additional details can be
found here
Do some research in your neighborhood. It’s likely
a local religious group or community center has an effort underway that you can support.
In addition, these larger charities in the New York region are
accepting donations:
  • The annual New York Cares Coat Drive has begun. More New Yorkers are in need this year, so
    clean out your coat closet today.  
  • The Salvation Army
    has dozens of mobile feeding units and shelters along the East Coast that are
    working to serve thousands in the most heavily hit areas. Plus they are still one of
    the most reliable ways to donate used goods in the New York City. 
  • Second Chance Toys
    is now taking clean, plastic toys in advance of the holiday season.  

If you know of an organization that can make a
bulk donation of items, visit Aidmatrix Network, a website sponsored through the New York City Office of Emergency Management. 
Finally, we’re all busy, but if you can donate your time
and talents, I encourage you to visit NYC Service to sign up to volunteer in the coming weeks.
If you know of an organization that’s accepting donations or need support in other ways, please share it with us here.