What’s in your wallet?

Recently I was serving on a jury. Jury duty is a whole lot of hurry up and wait, so needless to say I had some time on my hands. I must have
organized my wallet once a day. 
At a time when so many in the New York region are dealing
with the loss of basic things like electricity to more devastating situations like losing entire homes or even loved ones,
it can be tough to focus on big picture organization. Sometimes it’s best to
start with the little things.
This week I’m sharing seven tips to organize your wallet.
1. Make a mess.
If it’s been a while since you’ve organized your wallet, it’s going to get bad
before it gets better. Remove everything. With a wallet you don’t need much
space to spread out, which makes it the perfect task to tackle while
waiting for a meeting.
2. Store strategically.
If you keep receipts for business expenses or reimbursements, consider an
alternative place to store them like a small zippered pouch to keep your wallet from getting cluttered. Use a similar solution for things like coupons and gift
Love these from Baggu
3. Group items
The easiest way to keep track of what you keep in your wallet is
to store similar items together. If you have multiple bank accounts, keep those
credit and debit cards together. Group identification cards, healthcare cards,
and keep all reward cards together. You get the drill.
4. Carry only necessities.
Toss what you don’t need. Expired credit cards, old or irrelevant receipts,
business cards you’ll never contact, or any of that other random stuff you
never use has got to go.
5. Find the right fit.
Like a good pair of shoes or your favorite purse, there’s a right wallet for
everyone. If you continue to find yourself struggling, do some research and
give it time. I found my perfect wallet about four years ago. When Hobo stops making this one, I’ll be
Euro Slide from Hobo 
6. Copy the contents.
The thought of loosing my wallet makes my stomach hurt. But the thought of loosing
my wallet without recalling the contents is enough to send me over the edge. To
avoid complete and utter chaos, copy the contents once a year. You can thank me
7. Find a routine.
The best way to maintain an organized wallet is to put things back in the same
place every time. It’s that simple.