Organizing Obsession: Unsubscribe Me Please

I came across this quote from Kim John Payne, an educational consultant and author, and was struck by it. So simple and so true. How often are we overwhelmed because we just can’t say no? 

This week I’m just saying no to the incessant email clutter. I’m going to unsubscribe to all those useless emails that clog up my inbox.

Who’s with me? 

At the bottom of every email, you will see the option to unsubscribe. Click on that and you’re done. The process takes about 5 seconds per email.

You might start to struggle with deciding which emails you no longer want to receive. You might sort of like knowing when Bloomingdale’s is having their big sale, but maybe it’s not critical information. I say, set some guidelines. For example, I’m staying on email lists for products and services related to my industry like the Container Store.

But I’m unsubscribing to emails from – 

  • Stores that I don’t shop at on a monthly basis 
  • Random stores where I bought presents for family members like GardenFun. Seriously, I don’t even have a garden.
  • Deal sites that I never use
  • Charities that I’m not closely involved with
  • Email newsletters I never read

And just like that my inbox is a happy place.