I’m back from the Annual National Association of Professional Organizers’ Conference in New Orleans.
It seems that organizers are almost as good at partying as they are at, well,
Despite all the distractions NOLA has to offer, I was able
to attend numerous information-packed seminars on everything from moving
techniques to productivity strategies for clients. The conference also offers a
chance for attendees to get a sneak peak at some of the latest and greatest
organizing products and apps out there. This week, I’m writing about two of my finds, one high tech and one low tech. 
Two months ago I became pretty much obsessed with obliterating the junk email in my
inbox. Come to find out, there is an easier way. theSwizzle easily unsubscribes users from unwanted email and rolls
up the emails you do want into one simple daily digest. You enter your email
address, they safely scan it for commercial email, and then you decide what to

  • Coolest Feature(s)
    – You can get all the commercial emails sent in one daily digest, which means
    no more immediate inbox distractions. And it’s free.
  • Why Use It to
    – Because less emails means less stress.
  • Bright Idea
    It’s okay to “Just Say No!” to emails, too. 

Now the low tech…
You’ve heard me go on and on about the perfect bins. PackAways
are a unique twist to the average storage solution. Made in the USA of
heavy-duty corrugated plastic (think USPS containers), these bins are collapsible,
lightweight, and water-resistant. Plus they come in a classic box, open tote, and under bed version.

  • Coolest Feature(s)
    – They have a wipe-away end panel, so you can label and then erase.
  • Why Use It to
    – No more investing in cardboard boxes, taping them up, and then
    trashing them after a big move. PackAways are also a great tool for organizers
    to use when sorting through a room during a session with clients.
  • Bright Idea – Consider
    leaving a PackAways in the car to make toting groceries easy.

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