Getting Ready for Baby

This coming July is all about babies. Princess Katherine and Kim Kardashian, along with a few of my friends, are expecting July babies. 

When I was invited to speak recently to a bunch of moms-to-be, I got to thinking how important organization is when there’s a baby on the way. Nesting, a common instinct for expectant mothers, is a basic form of organizing. As with all organizing efforts, my advice is to focus your efforts. It goes without saying that getting the baby’s nursery in order should be the first order of business. 

But after that, what to do? Here are my suggestions for three things to get organized now, so you’re ready for baby.

Photo courtesy of Nest Design Studio

1. Set up a command center in your home. What the heck is this, you might ask? I tell clients to think of this as the area from which they manage the basic functions in their life – kids, pets, home projects, bills, mail – everything. This is particularly important for new moms, as this is the area where you can manage baby’s schedule, paperwork from doctor’s visits, and all that other good stuff. 

Here are more tips to set up your home command center

Photo courtesy of Cup of Jo

2. Set up a filing system. Why now, you might ask? New babies double the amount of paper young families bring into the home, so it’s best to get it under control now. Plus, paper organizing is the perfect project to handle when you’re pregnant because you can do it from the couch. 

First, search every nook and cranny (perhaps that bag stashed away in your husband’s closet) for all the random paperwork in your home. Then grab a snack, hit the couch and get to sorting. Use Post-it notes to quickly label papers and you’re on your way. Throw out any paperwork that’s not critical or that you can find online. Setting up a complete filing system with labeled folders and file boxes is a more elaborate project. However, taking these first few steps goes a long way, and you can always go back and organize the papers you’ve saved during baby’s naptime in the coming months. 

Photo courtesy of Project Nursery

3. Purge! How, you might ask? I’m all about keeping this as simple as possible. Grab three trash bags – one for donations, one for trash, and one for recycling. First, you’ll want to go room to room. Don’t over think it and grab anything that can be either donated or trashed. Next, go closet to closet and do the same. You don’t need to organize as you go. Just get the excess out. It’s the first step. Similar to your paper organizing, you can always go back and organize closets in finer detail when you have more time. 

To all those moms-to-be, enjoy your final weeks of pregnancy! July will be here before you know it.