My Gift Wrap Gets Rocked

Things got a little crazy around my apartment last Friday night.
My gift wrap was out of control. While I could mostly find
what I needed, the box from my first pair of Lucchese boots (serious
sentimental attachment) wasn’t large enough to hold the actual gift wrap.
As you can see from this before shot, no bueno. Time for an upgrade!
I toyed around with the idea of creating a gift wrap station
on the back of my closet door. I mean, this is awesome.
Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens
I also dreamed about the Elfa gift wrap cart. But who has
room for that in a New York City apartment!
Photo Courtesy of The Container Store
So decided to go with an under bed storage option instead.
As much as I love shopping for gift wrap supplies, I truly only wrap a few
gifts a year aside from the holidays, so I couldn’t justify giving my gift wrap
such a prime location in my home.
Under the bed is perfect – out of sight but super easy to access.
I couldn’t be happier with The Container Store’s classic
under bed gift wrap center, which is basically their Long Underbed Box, plus
their Shoe Box and Accessory Box. I used for smaller boxes for items like
ribbon, gift tags, tape, and scissors.
All these pieces are sold as a set for less than $30.
Now that I’ve shared all the details of my exciting weekend
life, please tell me…
How do you organize and store your gift wrap?