Five [More] Ways to Organize Your Shoes

I’m back this week with five more ways to organize your shoes. Last week, I blogged about the first five options, just in case you missed it.
Option 6:  Shoe Trees
People either love them or hate them. This is seriously
where preference makes a difference. The Container Store sells a highly rated one.
Photo courtesy of The Container Store
Option 7:  Under the Bed
This can be a great option for out of season storage. It’s not the best option for your everyday shoes.
There is also a version on wheels from that could be good for slippers as well.
Photo courtesy of The Container Store
Option 8:  Shoe Cabinets
Again, quality here makes a difference, but I’ve had clients that are happy with the IKEA version
of the shoe cabinet. This is a great option in a mudroom or entryway for families with
small children. Grab your shoes and you’re out the door.
Photo courtesy of IKEA
Finally, two options with shoes as décor:
Option 9:  Crown Molding
Now we’re getting creative. Imagine your gorgeous heels dangling from crown molding
along the walls of your walk in closet. Yeah, I’m drooling.
Photo via Pinterest
Option 10:  On a Ladder
Shoes as art. Still drooling here.
Photo courtesy of Design Sponge
Whew! Talk about options.
Please, tell me, what other way could you possibly organize your shoes?