Cord Wrangling Basics

Cord control isn’t as scary as it sounds. Even the most technically challenged can handle it with the right tools.

And let me tell you, it’s a little home improvement that goes a long way to making your space more sane.

This week I’m sharing the best cord wrangling tools for any situation.

In Your Bag
Start simply and contain your cords on the go.

  • GRID-IT! – Control your cords while traveling.
By Your Bed
This is the most common area for cord chaos. There is nothing soothing about going to bed and waking up to a jumble of cords.
My favorite solution usually involves a combination of these products.
  • CableBox – I recommend the box that includes a power strip.
  • Cable Ties – You can also find the basic clear ones at your local hardware store.

Behind the TV
Once you’ve mastered your bedside and your bag, move on to the area behind your television.
Definitely a bit tougher, but here is my step-by-step guide to tackle it.

  • Cable Zipper – Best for the large cables behind your television. This photo looks a bit scary, but I promise it’s easy.



The Cord Control Combo Kit can be found at Home Depot. All other products are available at The Container Store.