Giving Thanks to Five Organizational Tools

Well, hello, Thanksgiving! The time for gratitude and
shopping (not) is here. I hope you have
lots of fun, food, and time with friends and family in the coming days.
This week, I’m giving thanks to five organizational tools
that I couldn’t live without.


1. Command Hooks – There isn’t a home that can’t use a
Command Hook. They come In various sizes and are an amazing solution if
drilling and potentially damaging surfaces makes you nervous. My favorite use –
put one under your bathroom vanity to hang your hairdryer.


Photo courtesy of The Container Store
2. IKEA’s Big Blue Bag – How many pounds of donations have I
lugged to Goodwill in these awesome blue bags? A gazillion.
If only I had the patience to master the proper folding techniques.
Oh, and they cost 59 cents!
Photo courtesy of IKEA
3. Canvas Bins – So simple, so lightweight, and so easily
label-able. These bins are my go to for closet storage.
Photo courtesy of The Container Store
4. IKEA Expedit – Have I gone on and on about the Expedit?
Maybe. But I can’t stop, won’t stop. If you need storage on a budget in almost
any room in your home, the Expedit is a go to solution.
5. Fridge Binz – Maybe the most versatile bin out there.
Don’t be fooled by the name. It’s not just for your fridge. Oh, and the “z” on
“Binz” just makes me love it more.
Photo courtesy of The Container Store
Happy Thanksgiving!