Organizing Obsession: A Dreamy Vanity

It’s no secret that New York City apartments are limited on space. So this week any New Yorkers reading along should suspend reality.

To display beauty products in an organized way, my dream is a vanity in a dressing area. There is nothing more luxurious than an organized vanity as your go to beauty area.

Vanities tend to have limited drawer space, so use drawers for bulkier, less attractive items like hair styling products.

Then you can use the counter space to display and organize beauty necessities like makeup and perfume in an attractive way. Arrange lipsticks on a pretty dish, and store make-up brushes in a small vase. Add stylish trays and your makeup will look like a work of art. Plus you’ll always be able to see what you have.

Just remember there is a fine balance between a functionally organized and cluttered. The secret to keeping it neat is to give everything a home so that it only takes a second to put away.

Check out these dreamy vanities.