Battle of the Boots

Welcome to the frozen tundra we call January around most of the country.

While boots pile up in entryways across the city, I’m sharing tips to
help you beat the boot mess. You know what I’m talking about…

That gross mix of dried snow and salt that coats your floors throughout the winter.

First, if you don’t already have a doormat, get one.
Next, demand nicely that all your loved ones wipe their shoes before entering.
You can take it one step further and keep an old towel tucked in a neat bin or
in the closet for those especially messy days. Give those boots a good wipe.


Now, boots have been removed and piled. How best to proceed?

1. Tray – The rocks are an added touch to drain melted snow.

2. Shoe Rack – Wall mounted to free up floor space.
3. Pegs Something so forehead smacking simple about this option.
4. Bin – Tried and true. Has the bin ever failed us? I’d go a step farther and line the bottom
of the bin with a mat to make clean up easy. This is also a great option for kid shoes.
Any of these options could be installed in an entryway coat
closet. Another simple tip, line the floor of the closet with these
affordable IKEA mats for an added layer of gunk protection.
You won’t feel bad about tossing them come spring.
If you don’t have a closet, install one of these options in your (most likely)
small entryway space. In New York City, the mudroom is an urban legend.
Check out this entryway making it happen.
The tip: camouflage storage options with pretty décor or under an entryway table.
While you’re at it, check out last year’s post on Huffington
Post’s blog with tips to organize all that other winter gear. Stay warm, friends!

Image Credit: Martha Stewart, Real Simple, Not the High Street, Martha Stewart, The Curtis Casa