New Year, New Focus

I never thought I would take a year off from blogging. As an
organizer, you can imagine, I like routines. I like to know what tasks I
need to complete each week and get them done. Crossing “blog post” off my list
made me feel good – until it didn’t.
Here’s why… Last year, we moved and now live part time in
Cincinnati, Ohio. I still spend a portion of every month in New York City
working with clients and growing the business, but life as I knew it changed
totally in 2014. And so did my routines.
It took me a while to figure out a rhythm and schedule to my
“new life.” And after a year, I think I’m finally there. Yes, it took a year.
It hit me as I was reflecting on 2014 work that this is so
often what I see with clients. Life changes like a new baby, marriage, divorce,
death, and even a new job, a move – all these things effect our routines and,
therefore, our organizational systems. Things feel out of whack and all
the priorities from before just don’t make sense.
We have to figure out a new way to live and work.
For me, 2014 was a year of wiping the slate clean and letting things go.
I reevaluated the tasks related to my work and figured out how best to spend
my time so that my business can continue to grow. It’s been a totally eye
opening but painfully slow process.
Lesson learned: We can go it alone and figure it out eventually.
Perhaps after a year, like me. But why not ask for help?
Why not depend on others for support and advice?
I realize now that I should have leaned on others a bit,
and this transition could have been so much easier.
More simple.
That’s all the deep thoughts for now. Thank you all
for reading along. Here’s to a happy 2015!