Toss it Tuesday: New Rules for Electronics

Things I occasionally sit around and think about: mounds and mounds of old electronics piling up in landfills.
Imagining it totally stresses me out. But there’s good news.

NYC is taking a step in the right direction… 

As of January 2015, electronics can’t be discarded in the trash.
So, what to do with all that stuff? Here are some options:
1. Retail drop-off programs are the quickest solution. Take electronics to any
Goodwill, Salvation Army, Best Buy or Staples.
2. If you live in a building with more than 10 units, enroll for the Department of Sanitation’s
e-cycle program for free pick-up in your building.
3. Hit up electronics recycling events run by organizations like the Lower East Side Ecology Center
4. For working electronics, especially computers and laptops, consider donating to a charity you support.
5. For mobile phones, recycle using any of the options above or you can also take them to a wireless service provider.
6. Most appliances and housewares are metal or rigid plastic so can now be recycled with other rigid plastics and metals. Just be sure to remove any batteries first.