Label Love

The final touch to any organizing system is the label. It’s
that last step where all the pieces come together, and I leave the client
feeling confident that everything they own has a home.
An organizing project without labels feels unfinished to me.
Like getting dressed in your favorite outfit but leaving off the accessories.
And much like accessories, labels should be fun. That brings
us to five crushes in my love affair with labels.
1. Good Ol’ Adhesive
The most traditional label does have some drawbacks.
They are great on glass containers and plastic bins, but not so much on fabric.
BUT, now that they make erasable and chalk
options, I feel like these labels are so much more versatile.
Love this option for labeling toy bins.


2. Tie On
These are so versatile and great on almost any type of
container or bin. Inside tip: gift tags double as tie on labels.




3. Label Holders
When you’re feeling fancy, label holders are awesome. I am a
big fan of Martha Stewart’s line, sadly no longer carried at Staples, but I
found them on Amazon. Score!
4. Clip On
Some bins defy adhesive and tie on labels, and that’s where
we get creative. I love to use a clothes pin, cool binder clip,
or these basic silver clips for a simple, sophisticated label solution.
5. Pocket Labels
This option is also adhesive, so it works best on plastic
storage bins, perhaps in a garage, where the front of the label provides a
brief description and the back can be used for a detailed list of contents.
Since the label is slipped into the pocket, you can easily pull it out to refer to it.


I’d love to hear from you! What are some of your favorite labeling solutions?


Image Credit: Chalkboard Label from Peace Love Quinoa (all sizes found at The Container Store) Erasable Label from The Container Store, Chalkboard Tag from The Container Store, Craft Tag from Williams Sonoma, Colored Tags from Pigment, Metal Rimmed Tag from The Container Store, Martha Stewart Labels from Amazon, Martha Stewart, Pocket Labels from Stash Mob, Pocket Labels from The Container Store