Goodbye Handwritten To Do List, Hello Todoist

One of my favorite feelings in the world is crossing
something off a To Do list. I’ve become so obsessed with it over the years that
I never thought I could give up my handwritten To Do lists. But I’ve finally done it!

After looking at a few apps recommended by other organizers
and some tech-friendly friends, I found that I liked the clean layout and
functionality of Todoist.

I’m sharing some insight on my
experience for all you 
handwritten list lovers out there.

Don’t get me wrong, my handwritten process was working, but
it was time to embrace technology as I encourage so many clients to become less
dependent on paper whether lists, calendars or files. I told myself for years
that it wasn’t a bother to rewrite my lists periodically but who was I kidding.
Why waste time when there is a better way?

At first it was hard for me to remember to use the app
because I was in such a habit of handwriting everything in my notebook.

It took about a month to break the habit.

Here’s how I’m using the app:

I have separate personal and work To Do lists.

I created a Client List to manage follow-up and
action items for all clients.

I’m tracking lists of books to read, shows to
watch, and places to travel. Lists don’t have to be boring!

The app is also a project management tool. We’re
throwing a party in May, and I’ve broken down tasks that I need to accomplish
week by week.

I took extensive handwritten notes I compiled
for planning a tailgate, including supplies, amount of food and beverage to
buy, and menu selections and created a list so all that information is neatly
in one place. It felt so good to throw away that messy sheet of notes.

I feel like I’m just scratching the surface. There are so
many different ways I can imagine using the app.

Now here is the deal, I still hand write my daily To Do list.
Old habits die hard and it’s working for me. But now I just open my calendar
and the app, scan the list and write down my focus for the day. If I have
chunks of time available to tackle larger projects, I hold that time on my
calendar. At the end of the day when preparing the next day’s list, I cross
items out in the app.

Basic v. Premium
I’m using the free, basic user level and that provides
enough functionality for me.
At this level you can create multiple lists (or “Projects”) and schedule
tasks to days to create your daily To Do list in the app. It also allows you to
add priority levels to tasks and assign tasks to others to aid in delegation.

A yearly subscription for $29 does some fancier things. It
allows you to add labels to tasks, which basically allows you to tag tasks
(like, all calls). You can add notes and attachments to tasks (great for items
you need to review by a certain date), search tasks, and it syncs tasks to iCal.

Do any of you use Todoist?
Would love for you to share your experiences or
other helpful apps you use to stay organized.

Image credit: Casa and Company