Toss It Tuesday

When you gotta go, you gotta go. And these 20 things gotta go…

1. Rusty nails

2. Tools you don’t know how to use or have never used

3. Clothes that don’t fit

4. Clothes that are stained or damaged

5. Old bank statements or income statements you can get online

6. Free giveaways like cozies, pens, or coolers

7. Done having babies? Give away those clothes you’re holding on to.

8. Your pencil collection from junior high (guilty as charged)

9. Your matchbook collection

10. Generally any collection started pre-puberty.

11. Gear you never use or can rent on vacation.

When was the last time you went scuba diving?

12. DVDs of movies you can get on Netflix, I’m not even going to mention VHS.

13. Notebooks with old notes from past projects

14. Kids’ art that doesn’t hold sentimental value

15. Crappy hotel shampoo mini bottles

16. Expired pantry items

17. Mismatched sheets

18. Leftovers from last week

19. Manuals for appliances you no longer own

20. Wire hangers from the dry cleaner. Use these instead.