Closet Organizing Tips on ABC News

Spring is the perfect time for a closet cleanse to breathe new life into your space. We tackled entryway closet organizing with ABC News. 

Video: Decluttering Your Entryway Closet

As an added bonus, follow these five steps to organize your closet.

Step One: Pull everything out of the closet. As you pull items out, sort like with like and put clothing and accessories into piles. Put all dresses together, all tops together and so on. The types of clothing you wear most will become clear as you go through this process.

Step Two: Declutter. Now is the time to make tough decisions. Go through each category of clothing and decide what to keep. For items that you aren’t keeping decide if they can be donated, given to a friend or family member or sold. If damaged or worn beyond repair, items should be trashed or put into textile recycling.

Step Three: Come up with an organizing plan. Before putting all the items back in the closet, you want to evaluate the space and how best to organize all the items you’re keeping. Grab a piece of paper and sketch out where and how to store items. Measure the space so you can select the right sized bins, shelving or any other organizational products needed. 

Step Four: Spring clean the space. While the space is empty, vacuum the floors and wipe down shelves that have gathered dust. 

Step Five: Put it all back together. Put all items you’re keeping back into the closet and organize them according to the plan you developed in step four. Don’t forget to label bins and shelves to make it easy to put things back on a day-to-day basis.