Live Segment! Junk Drawer Organizing Tips on Fox 19

We were back on Fox 19 this week sharing tips to organize your junk drawer.
The secret is that we no longer want to call it a junk drawer, which gives us permission
to use the drawer as a dumping ground. Think of the space as a utility drawer instead to keep it
organized with the most useful items in your home. So say NO to the junk drawer and YES to the utility drawer!
Here are five steps to organize your junk drawer.
Step One:  Pull everything out of the drawer.
Step Two:  Sort “like with like,” toss trash, and set aside items to be put elsewhere.
Step Three:  Determine what stays. Hint: only the most useful items. Examples for a kitchen utility
drawer are pens, markers, notepads, scissors, tape, matches, chip clips, tape
measure, paperclips and batteries.
Step Four:  Measure the drawer and clean and wipe down surfaces. Drawer organizers come in two
sizes deep and shallow. So always measure the height of your drawer as well.
Step Five:  Containerize items to keep things organized and easy for you and your family to maintain.