Covetable Closets: Katie Kime’s Austin Oasis

Fashion, furniture and accessories. Katie Kime (and her team) somehow do it all. We’ve been in love with her style (and tassel earrings) for some time. It’s not much of a surprise that Katie’s closet is at the top of our most coveted list.

First, can we talk about the banana leaf wallpaper? This and more are available from her line of wallpapers.

The major organizational key here is Katie’s use of space, especially considering the number of windows in the space. The island in the middle of the room provides storage with cubbies below for shoes and larger accessories. I’m pretty sure there are some pretty amazing handbags stored down there.


There is plenty of long hanging space for Katie’s collection of dresses.
Moving over to the corner of the space is Katie’s vanity.
When you’ve got room, a vanity is the way to go to make getting dressed so much
easier. Drawers corral small items that tend to make counter tops look cluttered.
Trays and pretty boxes on top of the island keep accessories organized. This is a work of art!


For more background on Katie’s colorful world, visit her website.
Photos courtesy of Lonny and Camille Styles.