Live Segment! Holiday Card Organizing Tips on Fox 19

Sending holiday cards to family and friends can take quite a bit of time and effort at this already busy season, not to mention the clutter they create around the house. We were back on Fox 19 last week with tips to organize your holiday cards.

Video: Holiday Card Organizing

Tip One: Organize all your supplies.
Holiday cards and accompanying supplies can quickly get out of control. Grab a small basket to corral all those odds and ends like cards, envelopes, stamps, address labels, pens and Sharpie markers. Include washi tape and scissors to dress up the envelopes. Keep a copy of your holiday card list here along with a ruler in case you are hand-addressing envelopes.

Tip Two: Embrace technology. 
Every minute counts during the holiday season, so use technology to maximize your time. Online card services like Minted or Paperless Post allow you to upload your address list so your envelopes can be pre-printed. This leaves extra time for you to write a thoughtful note on your cards. Avoid the Post Office like the plague! You can order stamps online and have them delivered for $1.

Tip Three: Display the cards all season in one of three ways.
Don’t let incoming cards clutter your counter space.

Clothespin Photo / Memo Holder
Spiral Wreath Card Holder
Decorative Basket

Tip Four: Toss! But take a photo first.  
A good organizer is always going to suggest that you recycle the cards. One creative idea is to take a photo of the card first and save it with your friend’s contact information in your phone. Then when they call, their photo pops up.

Tip Five: Organize cards you can’t bear to toss.
Our sentimental side sometimes wins out. The container you use should make it easy for you to read and enjoy the cards in the future. The Bigso card organizer has tabs that you can use to separate the cards by year. Remember to label the tabs.