Live Segment! Gift Wrap Organizing on Fox 19

With the holidays in full swing and Christmas just three
days away, chaos can start to set in. Wrapping paper is just one more thing
strewn about the house, unless you’ve got a system in place to keep it organized.

Before you decide how you’d like to store your gift wrap,
you first need to gather all the gift wrapping supplies around your home like
paper, tags, boxes, bags, scissors, tape, ribbon, tissue paper and Sharpie markers.

Next, you want to consider how much space you have and how often you actually wrap gifts. If you only wrap gifts at the holidays a solution to store it out of the way is ideal.

Below are four creative solutions to keep your gift wrap organized. With one of these four solutions, you are sure to save time wrapping gifts. You’ll also save money usually spent over-buying paper and supplies you
already have in your home.

Option 1: Under Bed Storage
The festive chevron holiday wrap organizer holds up to 24 rolls and has pockets to store other
accessories. The divider can also be removed to accommodate longer rolls. When
not in use, it easily slides under the bed if you’re short on space.
Option 2: DIY Storage
If you’re feeling a little creative, why not DIY a storage
option! Hang basic S hooks for scissors, gift bags and other accessories on a clothing
and you have an affordable solution that can be easily wheeled into
a closet to be stored.
Option 3: Hanging Storage
If you have extra hanging space in a closet, the gift
wrap work station
sandwich board folds up to hang when not in use. It holds
up to 12 rolls of wrap and has pockets for all the accessories you need. Plus hooks
hold the wrapping paper so you can unroll it easily onto any surface.
Option 4: Cart Storage
The elfa gift wrap cart is a favorite if you have a bit more space. Drawers store
gift wrapping supplies while ribbon and gift wrap are stored on the sides of
the cart. The top flat surface provides the perfect work space to wrap gifts.
All these solutions and more can be found at The Container Store.