Live Segment! Winter Gear Organizing on Fox 19

Instead of pondering how many days until summer, how about
organizing all that winter gear like hats, gloves, scarves and snow boots.
Before you can get organized you first need to pull
everything out of the closet. Sort items by type and by family member. You’ll
also want to toss random gloves and outgrown items to clear the clutter.

Organizing Your Accessories

In season it’s important to store winter accessories so they can be easily accessed to get your family out the door as quickly as possible.

  • Bins – This solution tends to work best when organizing winter accessories for a
    family. Label bins for each family member to avoid mix up. The bins can be
    stored on closet shelves, under a bench or on shelves in an entryway or mudroom.
  • Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer – It’s not just for shoes anymore! Use the pockets in this
    organizer to store gloves, hats, and even scarves. If you have extra space,
    consider using the pockets for umbrellas, sunscreen and grocery tote bags. It’s
    a great spot to store anything you need when heading out door.
  • Umbrella Stand – Keep umbrellas from getting lost in the back of the closet with a
    slim stand that doesn’t take up too much space.
Organizing Your Boots

There’s nothing worse for your floors than snowy and salty
boots. Consider these two options to keep it neat.

  • Trays – Sometimes the best place to let your winter boots dry out is on the floor of
    your mudroom or coat closet. Use a boot tray to capture the mess.
  • Boot Rack – If you have the space, a boot rack is another way to go.
Organizing Your Coats

Coats should be organized by family member so everyone can access them.

  • Clothing Rod Dividers – Use clothing rod dividers to keep coats separated by family member.
  • Command Hooks – Families with young children can use removable hooks on the walls
    or backs of closet doors to hang coats or even backpacks.
  • Hangers – Sturdy coat hangers make all the difference.