Four Organizing Ideas To Boost Your Immune System

Cough. Sniffle. Sneeze.

In case you hadn’t heard, the flu is running particularly rampant this year. Meaning it’s time to protect yourself against potential health threats.

The good news? Organizing can help. Some simple tweaks in your home will pave the way towards a healthier overall lifestyle, which will help boost your immune system.

Plus, while getting organized is always a good idea, the start of the new year offers a particular incentive.

So why not hit two birds with one tissue? Combat those nasty viruses, and ace your resolutions to boot.

1. Strategically organize your kitchen.

You are what you eat. And that’s truer than ever during flu season, when your immune system needs fortification via power foods and rest.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be a hassle. Setting your kitchen up strategically is one way to ensure you’ll have continual access to nutritious foods. Like any good organizing session, your kitchen reboot will require some tossing out and rearranging.

In the pantry or cabinets, Greatist suggests keeping sugary or salty snacks out of reach. We’re talking so high, you’ll need a footstool to access them. Studies show that the less visible a food temptation is, the less likely you are to give in. (Or if you’re really looking to commit, nix unhealthy foods altogether and bid adieu to temptation. Now that’s what we call decluttering.)

Vice versa also applies: Leave healthy bites within reach to encourage beneficial nibbling. Nothing looks prettier on a countertop than a ceramic bowl with fresh fruit and veggies.

2. Make your home office work for you.

Nearly half of the American workforce spends some time working remotely. While typing memos in your bunny slippers definitely holds a certain appeal, it’s important to not let any work-related stress tinge your time at home.

Because in case you hadn’t heard, stress can snowball into illness and even disease if not properly dealt with. The best way to make your home office less stressful? Decluttering it.

Clutter causes stress, and stress causes illness. Ergo, decluttering is the best first step you can take in your path to work-at-home wellness.

If you’re looking for extra health points, we suggest designing your own makeshift standing desk.

3. Keep the bathroom spic-and-span.

We don’t need to tell you about the potential threats lurking in the loo. But we can share a few methods that prevent against contamination.

First, the most obvious: Cleaning. Obviously, you want whichever cleanser is the most effective. But that doesn’t mean you need a product loaded with chemicals.

Wellness Mama rounded up the DIY cleaners she’s found to be the most effective (and trust, she shares a home with her six kids). There’s also toxin-free cleaning product companies like Intelligent Nutrients and Eco-Me.

While you’re at it, be sure to toss any makeup past its Period after Opening (PAO) date. (More beauty product organizing tips right this way!)

For toothbrushes and other objects you want to protect, stand them up in an acrylic organizer. If possible, store them somewhere where traveling germs can’t touch them, aka your medicine cabinet.

If you use bar soap, be sure to elevate it with a soap dish so it can dry properly between use.

4. Ensure utmost relaxation in the bedroom.

Sleep is vastly critical for good overall health. And even if you’re not a feng shui enthusiast, there’s still something to be said about the effect your bedroom’s setup has on your quality of sleep.

Some key takeaways: Replace carpeting with a rug for easier cleaning. Avoid storing things underneath your bed, which is a feng-shui no-no anyway. And use blinds or thick curtains to ensure darkness at night.

Don’t forget your nightstand. Keep it clutter-free and minimally decorated. Stash only relaxing items like your reading lamp, flowers, an alarm clock, and book (or your e-reader, so long as it has a blue-light reducer).

This article was written by MakeSpace, a full-service storage company that provides an easy alternative to storage units in NYC. They also happily serve customers in Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles.

Photo credit: Milo McDonald, Homey Oh My, Kari + Shea, Going Zero Waste, Sugar + Cloth