Spring Cleaning Series: Junk Drawer

Spring is the time to tackle little projects, like organizing a junk drawer, to detox your home for the new season. Almost everyone has at least one junk drawer, maybe more, hiding out in the home.

The most common place to find a junk drawer is probably the kitchen while the second most common place is in an entryway table or credenza. That said, we’ve found junk drawers everywhere from bedside tables to bathrooms.

Where is your junk drawer hiding?

The secret is that we no longer want to call it a junk drawer, which gives us permission to use the drawer as a dumping ground. Think of the space as a utility drawer instead to keep it organized with the most useful items in your home. With that frame of mind, it’s easy to imagine a utility drawer in almost every room of the home.

Six Simple Steps to Spring Clean Your Junk Drawer

1) Empty. Pull everything out of the drawer.

2) Sort. Group “like with like,” toss trash, and set aside items to be put elsewhere.

3) Decide. Determine what stays. Hint: only the most useful items you use in that part of your home. Each drawer should have a defined purpose. Figure out what that purpose is and stick to it.

4) Measure. Drawer organizers come in a variety of sized so always measure your drawers.

5) Clean. Wipe down surfaces. Here’s where the real spring cleaning comes in!

6) Organize. Contain items to keep things organized and easy for you and your family to maintain.


Links to featured products below. All available at The Container Store.

1) Stackable Bamboo Drawer Organizers

2) Three by Three Metal Drawer Organizers

3) Copper Wire Drawer Organizers

4) Linus Shallow Drawer Organizers (also come in Deep size)

5) Blush Poppin Accessory Trays