Spring Cleaning Series: Makeup

It’s time for round two of simple spring cleaning projects. It’s time to tackle your makeup!

Whether you’re a beauty product fanatic who is always trying the next best thing or a novice who has had the same eye makeup brush since college, chances are your beauty products could use a good spring cleaning. Most of the makeup vanities, drawers, and makeup storage containers we organize are caked with old powder and lipstick and often times strew with items not related to your makeup routine at all.

You won’t be surprised that the simple tips to spring clean your make-up aren’t all that different from spring cleaning any other space with a few interesting nuances.

Six Simple Steps to Spring Clean Your Makeup

1) Empty. Pull everything out of the drawer or container you keep your makeup in. Dump it all out!

2) Sort. Group “like with like,” toss trash, and set aside items to be put elsewhere. Although tedious, this is actually the easy part.

3) Decide. Here’s where things get interesting. Be honest about lip colors that don’t work on you. Try them on while you’re at it! Toss any eye colors you’ve grown tired of. Only keep the essential makeup you wear – makeup that makes you look your best.

Makeup is a unique category in that like food it actually expires. Yes, that’s right, everything from lipstick to foundation has an expiration date, and it’s not generally marked on the makeup. I found these Huffington Post set of guidelines to be helpful.

5) Clean. I’m always pushing the real spring cleaning! Wipe everything down including surfaces and the actual makeup with disinfectant wipes. This is now the time you clean your makeup brushes (using hot water + soap). Or better yet, order new ones from Sephora and toss the old ones.

6) Organize. Now that you’ve edited your collection down to things you’ll actually use, it’s time to determine the best way to store it.

Makeup packaging is so pretty that I like to use it as décor – as long as it’s organized. Consider organizing makeup brushes in vintage vases or acrylic pencil cups to add a bit of style to your dressing area. This works whether you’re storing them in a medicine cabinet or on a countertop. Decorative bowls and trays organize make-up nicely on a bathroom counter or vanity.

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