Back to School: Create a Lunch Prep Station

Getting ready for back to school is all about setting up routines. That goes for you and the kids!

In almost every family kitchen we organize, we set-up a snack and lunch preparation station. It may sound silly, but calling  this area a “station” makes it official and helps new routines stick.

First, clear out a drawer or lower shelves in a pantry that kids can easily access. If you’re concerned about kids having access to snacks, move your station a little higher.

For the Lunch Preparation Drawer

Gather all the supplies you need for daily lunch preparation. That includes: Ziploc bags, lunch containers, lunch boxes, napkins, and silverware. Mom of the Year Bonus Points: Include Post-Its and a pen for writing little love notes for the kids. If organizing these items in a drawer, use drawer dividers or deep drawer organizers to keep each category contained. Every item should have a home, and try to avoid double stacking items so you can see the contents of the drawer.

For the Snack Drawer

I suggest setting up the kid snacks near the lunch preparation drawer, because that makes it so easy to finish packing lunches. For the snack drawer, use the same deep drawer organizers to stock a grab and go station. Pro Tip: Always remove the individually packaged snacks from boxes to maximize space. This allows you to always see your inventory so you know when to restock.

I’d love to hear from you! What’s one back-to-school routine that saves your sanity?