ICYMI: US in Palm Beach Illustrated

We started 2019 off right with (a little champagne) and a feature in Palm Beach Illustrated magazine sharing our organizing philosophy along with tips to organize key areas of the home.

Check it out!

As a bonus, I’m sharing solutions for your main problem areas and my favorite product to address each challenge.

Kitchen Cabinets: Don’t be afraid to rethink how you’re using your space. Kitchen organization is all about efficiency so stop to reconsider the placement of every last dish and cooking tool.

Product: White elfa Mesh Easy Gliders

Pantry: Make the pantry accessible for the whole family. A big challenge in pantries is there are so many people going in and out that things never get put back in the right place. Use bins, labels and set-up systems, like a kids snack area, for simplicity.

Product: Guzzini White Italian Pantry Bins

Tech Area: Go vertical with devices to keep counters clear and cords organized. Use a paper sorter to “file” family member’s devices. Identify a shallow drawer near the charging station and stock with back-up chargers and devices organized in small bins.

Product: Premium Acrylic Collator

Laundry Room: Make it a space you love. Who actually enjoys doing laundry? To make it bearable, use bins that are decorative and functional. Add a great light fixture, paint the walls and hang some art on unused wall space.

Product: Whitewash Rattan Storage Bins

Bedside Table: To prevent bedside table clutter, eliminate the unnecessary. Keep only items you use when going to sleep or waking in the morning. Use trays to organize items by category whether in a drawer or by your bed.

Product: Poppin Accessory Trays

Junk Drawer: The secret is that we no longer want to call it a junk drawer, which gives permission to use the drawer as a dumping ground. Think of the space as a utility drawer instead to keep it organized with the most useful items in your home.

Product: InterDesign Linus Drawer Organizers