Jewelry Organizing with The Curated Look

Jewelry is so meaningful as each piece corresponds to a certain memory or time in life. Often times when organizing, I’ll find jewelry in a saddest condition – tangled and thrown together in a box.

Your jewelry deserves to be treated with care and love, especially when it’s as beautiful as curator Gaby Viteri’s collections. Gaby started The Curated Look as a place to showcase jewelry collections along with her love of fashion and travel in one stylish space. After seeing just a sampling of her pieces, I jumped at the opportunity to recommend the best way to organize and showcase her collection.

To get the organizing started, gather all jewelry and separate it by type – necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and other small accessories. Then group each category by color or metal.

Once you have it divided, go through each section and be honest about what you actually wear. Set aside keepsakes to be stored. Look at pieces that can be reworked by a jeweler. Finally, gather items to be donated or more meaningful pieces to be passed along to a friend or family member.

Now you’re ready to figure out the best way to organize, store and display your collection.

Of course, the ideal way to organize jewelry comes down to your space available and isn’t typically one size fits all. But there are tried and true ways to organize jewelry to display it and keep it from getting damaged.

Earrings – The best solution are divided trays in a shallow drawer or jewelry box. Statement earrings are much larger so keep in mind you’ll need a bit more space.

Best Product: Blush Stackers Jewelry Box

Necklaces – Hang! That’s all I can say. Whether a statement necklace or more delicate pieces, hanging is the way to go.

Best Product: Gold Tribeca Jewelry Stand

Bracelets – Arm candy deserves to be displayed on stands.

Best Product: Acrylic Jewelry Stand

Rings – You can never go wrong with a dish or a jewelry box with divided storage and a ring roll.

Best Product: Stackers Ring Roll

Other Small Accessories – Items like pins, brooches and watches can be displayed on small trays or bowls.

Best Product: Unique bowls and trays are one of my favorites things to pick up when traveling. Each holds a special memory and serves a purpose.

Follow Gaby on Instagram for beautiful shots of her and her jewelry. Stop by Gaby’s next trunk show on January 31 from 5-8pm at Callidus Palm Beach to see her collections, a book signing with Danielle Rollins, live music by the Palm Beach Symphony and, of course, cocktails. See you there!