Closet Makeover with The Style Bungalow

Blogger Stephanie Hill of The Style Bungalow, a hardworking beauty with a heart of gold, now has a closet to match her impeccable style.

Designing closets is one thing, but designing a dressing room is the dream. When Stephanie decided to convert her bedroom into a dressing room, she reached out to US. I knew just what would work for her space and budget – the elfa system from The Container Store.

I worked with The Container Store to design the space, and let me tell you, it’s fabulous! I added finishing touches like matching (and space-saving) hangers and baskets for swim and sandals (both organized by color and type, of course).

Possibly my favorite area in the space is the mini vanity with jewelry storage drawers. Stephanie’s beautiful statement earrings are organized by metal type and color. I finished off the space with acrylic organizers for bracelets and styled the vanity surface with personal trays as catchalls.

And, oh the accessory wall! I organized Stephanie’s shoes and handbags by color on narrow shelves that are perfect for accessories. Acrylic dividers generally used for papers and acrylic plate stands display her beautiful clutches and smaller handbags.

Now the sweetest gal in town has the most stylish closet. And I couldn’t be happier!

(Photo Credit: Shaye Babb Photography)