Live Segment! Get Organized in 2019 with Tips on WPTV

I was back on WPTV-5 this week sharing tips to get your 2019 resolutions back on track.

Video: Get Organized in 2019

Is it just me or does January 1 feel like months ago?

That new year resolution to get organized has probably fallen by the wayside, but I’ve got tips to get you re-focused.

Tip: Set up a home command center.

  1. Think of your home command center as the nerve center of your home. It’s the physical space where you organize the basic functions in your life – kids, pets, bills, and incoming mail. These are the things that impact your life daily, which is why getting it under control makes a huge difference.
  2. Your command center should be an area near where you enter the house every day. You want to make sure you have all your supplies here. Keep a trashcan in the area so you can dispose of junk mail immediately. Also keep a mail opener, notepads, pens, grocery lists, envelopes, stamps, and a bin for incoming magazines in the area.
  3. Set up a charging station in this area. Go vertical with devices to keep counters clear and cords organized. Use a paper sorter to “file” family member’s devices.
  4. If you’re limited on space, get creative. A portable cart is a fun way to organize your command center so it can move with you and become décor in your home.

Tip: Get your file systems organized.

  1. Keeping a file system at hand prevents papers and mail from taking over your home. Just like every item in your home should have a place, so should your paperwork.
  2. Keep basic files for the types of paper that come into your home on a weekly basis. These files become a quick and easy way to sort mail and paperwork. Examples of files might include bills to pay, papers to file and action items.
  3. Other files can be customized based on your life. Maybe keeping a file at hand for current tax items is critical or possibly a file for family medical issues or the kids school.
  4. For files you don’t need at hand, like past tax documents and financial statements, consider going digital. Scan and save those documents to your computer. Go paperless whenever possible!

Tip: Set-up a system for kids’ incoming paperwork and art.

  1. Children’s art and other mementos are a major source of clutter in homes. As items come in, slip them into nice storage boxes. Store the boxes in lower kitchen cabinets or on office shelving, ideally near your home command center.
  2. Limit yourself to one box per child per year, so you can prioritize items to keep without having paper overtake your home.
  3. When invitations, notices and critical deadlines are on paper, add this information to your calendar and toss the paper.

Tip: Create a custom system to manage your To Do lists and family calendars.

  1. Whether you rely on a paper system or apps to manage your To Do list, there are many options for creating a custom system that works for you.
  2. If you struggle with notes and lists on various sheets of little paper, set-up a mini binder with tabs to keep track of the various areas of your life. This works for personal and work projects.
  3. Todoist is a user friendly, free application, which allows you to keep track of lists. The advantage is that you’ll always have your lists at hand on your phone.
  4. Family calendars can be managed through shared applications like Google calendars, but sometimes a traditional wall calendar is best for the whole family. Display the calendar in an area everyone in the family can see it. Consider color-coding the calendar for each family member.